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Who are CRS?

We're a debt recovery business – authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of the Credit Services Association. We will be contacting you on behalf of one of our clients.

Whilst all of the above is very formal and can seem daunting our ultimate aim is to arrange an appropriate payment plan with you, to satisfy any overdue amounts owed to our client. We therefore want you to engage with us to get things sorted as easily and as quickly as possible.

We work on behalf of many different businesses in the UK helping to resolve outstanding balances. For more information log in to your account using your reference number (provided in all correspondence) and head to the account page.

Wanting to speak to someone about your account?

Visit our customer portal

Our website is a great tool to set up repayment plans (where possible), speak to an agent or leave us a message about your current circumstances.

We are here to help you find the right way forward.

If you just want to speak to us about your account, we're more than happy to listen and point you in the right direction.


Most asked questions

Looking for more information on your account?

Visit our customer portal

You can find all the information regarding your account by
logging into our customer portal.


Need advice?

Do you want to speak to someone impartial?
Not a problem - these are all authorised debt advisors that offer
their services to consumers for free.

Be sure to let us know, so we can keep your account up to date.